Art and Its Many Worlds – Gianna Tasha Tomasso

The ‘art world’, even in its most localised form, is a world with multiple meanings. From local arts crafts and design, to contemporary artist led galleries showing conceptual installations. Galway has its fair share of festivals, exhibitions, graduate and student shows. Galway also has many artist studios, artist talks, lectures and events. There are many variants of art produced in the region including paint, sculpture, performance, printmaking. Not forgetting  photography and video art, graffiti art, anime and game art, zine art, DIY art, socially engaged art, community art and a plethora of all and everything in-between.

There are also those who hang out in the worlds of art theory. We have curators,  technicians, arts managers and administrators. These worlds are as wide and varied as the demographic of those who produce art or those who work within the so called ‘creative industries’.

The term ‘creativity’ has become an all encompassing by-line in government policy literature. The term ‘creativity’ seems to have seeped into the discourse of all things public, private and commercial. We live in a time where creativity and precarity are the order of the day. In its localised form, this precarity can be met head on and challenged by local grassroots collaborations and a willingness to work together to avoid being extras in this ‘culture’ show instead of the being the stars. Keeping up to date and informed of the many opportunities and events going on in our localised art world is one way that this individual precarity can be addressed.

It is with this in mind that I will be approaching my contribution as editor of the arts section within the An Áit Eile website and my contribution in any collaborative events planned for the coming year. I hope to take the most inclusive approach, welcoming input from as many facets of the Galway artistic community as possible. I hope to include regular updates on local, national and international opportunities. I am looking forward to having a close look at the many artists studios in the region for the Studio Project. Interviews, essays, events and information will feature over the coming months with a view to creating an online archive leading up to Galway 20/20 which will be a wealth of who is who and what is what in the art world within the region.

If you feel you have something to contribute I would very much like to hear from you. If you would like a studio visit to be included in the Studio Project please get in touch! Send me an email at  I am looking forward working with the team at An Áit Eile during this very exciting time in Galway!

Gianna Tasha Tomasso

AAE Art Editor