Back of a Bus

I don’t drive. My official line in response to the exclamations of “What? You live in the sticks! Why on Earth did you not insist on getting your license as soon as you were tall enough to reach the pedals, like the rest of us?!” is to reply hoitily that I’m keeping my carbon footprint in check. In reality I didn’t bother when I was a teen because I was fairly sure that by this age I’d be being driven around my a chauffeur. Well, dear reader, the fates chose a different direction for me. I’m reluctantly in the process of acquiring a license, fearing for my life and others’ each time I dare to hit the open roads, but when there’s no experienced driver willing to risk their life in the passenger seat for me, there’s always the bus.

And buses are great! There’s a really reliable and frequent one out of my home town, Tuam, to Galway city, and Citylink or GoBus are my coach companies of choice when I’m off on my holliers to the Capital or Cork.

Much like an airport, buses are super people watching spots; it’s imperative you get there early to get a window seat (and I will insist on sitting beside you if you do the whole sitting in the aisle seat and pretending to be asleep while your bag gets a pew of it’s own – but that’s for another, rantier, post). By getting a window seat you can gaze out at the colourful passers-by – there have been times when I’ve spotted an unusual pair of shoes or a pretty top and have been tempted to chase after their owners.

There are plenty of city buses to hop on and off of, and even waiting at the stop can afford you some great style spotting opportunities.

One’s fellow passengers are another source of style inspiration. I met a friend off the bus lately, when to my amusement and delight, she descended the metal steps in a trench-coat, chic black cigarette pants and kitten heels after her (mostly) crumpled and disheveled fellow travellers alighted the bus. Now that’s the way to travel in style! Next time you need to make a journey think about busing it – you’ll not only save your precious fuel money for something nicer like a few glasses of wine once you reach your destination, but you may also pick up some fashion tips and tricks while you’re at it.