Galway’s Fashion Highlights 2015

As we come to the end of a year filled with an inordinate amount of rain (even for us) you could say that the number one fashion item in this most tribal of counties was the humble, hardworking raincoat. But still, there have been triumphant moments to satisfy the more style-oriented persuasion, who have battled the puddles in high heels and heroically braved the storms in full faces of make up, proving that Galway has glamour in spades

Caithriona King wins Milliner of the Year

In March this year Athenry milliner Caithriona King won Millinry Designer of the Year at the Fashion Innovation Awards. King has been on the rise for many years, but is only now reaching the peaks she has been destined for. Her work is directional and modern, and her striking pieces are both recognisable and individual. Currently three of her head-pieces are on display in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre – if you can face the crazed crowds baying for last minute Christmas gifts they’re well worth a look.

The Galway Races

Even if you’re not so inclined towards them, there’s no denying that The Galway Races are a pivotal part of the county’s fashion calendar. Ladies and gents flock from far and wide to have a flutter and show off their style savvy while doing so; everyone’s style eyes are on the gúnas and suits meticulously chosen for the week of racing. While Ladies Day is the day for getting dressed up to the nines, tens and elevens, for many the whole week is their catwalk, and you’ll see many gorgeously dressed people placing their bets from Monday to Sunday. I love to see the stylish women wearing hats and headpieces but not necessarily competing; they’re the best inspiration for wedding season and next year’s races alike!

Two of the best looks of the week! Photo courtesy of Avril Donnellan

Galway’s Arts Festival, Christmas Market and lively enthusiasm for Halloween mean that the year is full of fanciful costumes and season appropriate street style. An Ait Eile’s Fashion Page has high hopes for 2016 – we’ll be bringing you profiles on up-and-coming Galway designers, returning to our Fashion Tribes of Galway series and keeping an eye on any stylish happenings around the county. If you’d like to become a contributer, or have any suggestions for our Fashion section, contact [email protected] or find me on Twitter @AoifeBBurke.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!