Inferno by Catherine Doyle

Book Two in the Blood for Blood series
A review by Samantha Kelly

If you play with fire, you’ll get burnt . . .

I became hooked on the Blood for Blood series when I read Vendetta, the first in the trilogy; however, Inferno took everything to a new level! If you already thought Sophie was in deep, things only heat up from here. With a romantic spark that will not defuse for Nic, and a Marino Mafia family that keeps showing up, Sophie is turning to unexpected allies for help.

It was around the middle of Inferno when Sophie’s whole world is truly turned upside down. Her identity is questioned and she must now learn the truth before it is too late, but who can she trust? After Sophie endures inevitable heartbreak, she has no choice but to leave the only life she ever knew behind, to start a new life that is going to test her courage and morals. How far will she have to go to survive?

What set Inferno aside from Vendetta were the moments of vulnerability shown by Luca. This Falcone brother is broken: he feels grief for his father, protection and worry for his family, and, at times, guilt for his actions. Even though Sophie tried to hate Luca for his stubbornness and occasional arrogance; she could never ignore the fact he is living an undesirable life where he is always in danger. Sophie, as a compassionate character, is trying to free herself from the destruction that is inevitable between conflicting mafia families, but she is determined not to abandon the people she cares about.

Doyle’s writing is both dangerous and captivating. Before I realized it – as the reader – I was falling in love with a fictional character: “His gaze was so penetrating it was like he was trying to pick apart the threads of my soul”. I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a dangerously romantic read. Be sure to grab yourself a copy, put on the kettle and clear your schedule, because you will not put this book down until you’ve finished.

Star rating ****