North by Northwest Vol. 1

A series of articles on the north west music scene as heard by Eoghan Holland of Flirt FM , Captain A & The Commercial Monsters, The Inishowen Gospel Choir and Velvet Alibi.

In this installation I’m giving my reaction to two mini albums from the Inishowen peninsula that have been on my playlist a lot recently.

DUCK– Aka Richard Duckworth divides his time between Donegal and Dublin and can be credited as a producer, arranger, studio engineer, guitarist and vocalist. Having spent a few years outside the sphere of original music returned in 2015 with the ‘DUCK’ mini album. Comprising of 5 tracks, DUCK creeps in with an ambient crescendo which develops into ‘altered carbon’ – a trippy acoustic ballad based in the future world of Richard K Morgans cyberpunk novel of the same title. This sets the scene for the DUCK album pretty well. Psychedelia, lush audio and the occasional blast of bass harmonica create an environment in which Richard explores out-there lyrical concepts. Stoner Dolphins, Stonehenge and Zombies all visited by Richards warm production make a great debut experience from DUCK.

Nyt Bloomer’s (Buncrana) debut OLD TOYS collages sound from a number of sources to make a really coherent long player. Instrumental hip hop and some ambient electronic flavours are the results of Conor McNamee’s journey into production, sampling and field recording. Old toys is a little ghostly at times with manipulated voice samples sitting at the centre of beats that stagger but still maintain a groove.  While the title track and ‘Space Fuck Haze’ might serve as easy introductions to Old Toys, the record presents a really nice journey from end to end as McNamee seems to weave some kind of narrative across its samples, glitches and field recorded sounds.

Eoghan Holland