Solid Gold Jams w/ Fuz (Boyfights/ Crankyface/ Slyrydes)

This list is incredibly difficult for me. I don’t think the human heart can actually do favourites. But here are five songs from the west of Ireland I, Fuz, enjoy.

I COULD name 109.

1: Rural Savage – The Righteous Hand of Critical Fury

This may be one of the best bands to exist.


2: Oh Boland – Where’s The Beach?

Fucking gem of an anthem.  I also consider them my best friends.


3: So Cow – Sugar Factory

I could pick so many songs by each band.

4: Go Panda Go – Coded

Gone but never forgotten.


5: The Ralphs – Merchant’s Road

This song has huge sentimental value to me.


There are so many amazing bands in the west of Ireland. I could honestly go all day. Let’s keep it going.