Solid Gold Jams w/ Tracy Bruen

Galway based musician Tracy Bruen combines a mixture of indie folk with hints of blues to “take you away on a wave of sound and soul that is as original as it is lyrical” (Electric Picnic 2014). She also hosts the popular Open Mic in the Róisín Dubh. Here she gives us her five Solid Gold Jams from the west…

So I was asked for a list of songs I love from artists from the west and I was thinking about all of the amazing musicians I know and watch and listen to and how impossible it would be to pick just five songs. So then I thought that maybe I could write about songs that I have an emotional connection with. Bearing in mind that I regularly cry when I’m delighted with my life, here are the songs that for one reason or another, bring a tear to my eye, every snotty time.

Jenny Liston – The Swayze Effect
She is the master of humour, honestly and simplicity. I was listening to this song on repeat at a time I was falling for a particular someone (who definitely wouldn’t do the merengue). “But all I know, is I’m about to fall….” That voice. Pass me the tissues Jen, I’m over identifying here.


We Shoot Deserters – Old News
Keith Emmett writes beautiful music. And this is a beautiful song. The addition of Tara Stacey’s stunning harmony melts me. He sung this on his last night, after three years of hosting Open Mic together, before he moved away and nearly sent me over the edge altogether. #inaglasscaseofemotion


Steven Sharpe – Lonely Life
There are any number of Steve’s songs I could include but in keeping with the weeping willow theme, this is the one that I can’t listen to live with out breaking down. It’s something in the brutal honestly and sadness of his lyrics, coupled with the chord progression that really gives me that ole familiar lump in my throat.


Tara Stacey – Beggars
You couldn’t have a list of songs that make me blubber without including this gem of lost love and broken hearts. The self- confessed queen of the break up song, this one ticks every box. “And I will admit you made me blue, but my heart won’t break for someone like you”. G’wan girl. I’m still crying though.


Canaries – Bullet Points
Certain songs make you cry because they make you so damn happy. This is one of them. The riff repetition and eventual build in this song give me a simultaneous heart swell and eye leak. 3.45 minutes in…and she’s off.

(Disclaimer – gin takes no responsibility for the content of this list)