The Galway ARGH!

Interview by: Megan Nelis

ARGH! is a short comics anthology put together by a group of Galway-based artists and writers. They meet regularly to share their work and discuss topics for the next issue. I recently spoke with the team to find out more about their group. The core team is made up of five authors: Brian Naughton, Sean Gorman, Darren Coleman, Liam Naughton and Joshua Keane.


How often do you guys meet?

We have a meet-up every month where we share work, talk about comics and generally goof around a bit.

Do you currently have any other projects on the sideline?

Yes, we publish anthologies of short comics too when we can manage it.

When is your next event?

We are having a get-together in the Blue Note at 7 this evening. It’s an ARGH of a time that we’re going to have and we’re really looking forward to it.  We’re going to be showing some comics, talking about comics, doing some comic-y… Things. And, and… just having a grand old time. If you make comics, want to or just have a vague interest then come on down. It’ll be a laugh and new contributors are always welcome!

The team  have provided me with some fun facts about the authors, listed below; and some have included their Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter links.


About the authors

Brian Naughton is an Artist, Brian Naughton makes comics.
Brian Naughton works, and lives, and weeps in Galway.
Brian Naughton is from Ballina.

Brian’s FacebookHis TumblrAnd his Twitter!


Sean Gorman writes comedy songs, tells bad jokes, drinks and can sleep in a ball like a cat.

Sean’s FacebookHis YoutubeHe’s also on Twitter!


Daz Keathy (Darren Coleman) gets over his dislike of social circles to join the first issue of ARGH!
And to fill the last nine words, BUM FLUFF!

Darren also has a FacebookAnd Smackjeeves!And Deviantart?


Liam Naughton is the author of Showa, The Living Thirteen and other various shorts. He’s a cool guy who makes you feel younger, and vindicates you in your life choices.
Though responsible and steadfast, he must not be given any modicum of power under any circumstances.

He’s on Facebook (shock)Tumblr tooAnd.. (drumroll) Twitter!


Lived in Ireland until the tender age of 24. Doesn’t live in Ireland now. Will unfortunately probably live in Ireland sometime in the future. I enjoy coffee, J. G. Ballard and Post-Punk. I don’t enjoy you. I don’t like you. I write because I don’t like you. I don’t like you so much that I have to write. I write because I want to make you as sad as me. Okay I have to go now.


You can find The Galway Argh! on Facebook or you can email them at [email protected].