The Rain in Spanish Arch

Guys and girls of Galway, it’s up to us to face the fact that we literally weather the, er, weather for the rest of the country. Any blow ins from other parts of this fair isle of ours, lured here by our culture, our craic and our all round awesomness, not to mention the images put into the ether from our friends in the tourist board of blue skies in Salthill and sun-glasses wearing tourists on Shop Street, soon discover that the rain – sideways, misty, drizzly, pissing – is really never really far away. So whatever do we do about it?

First of all, purchase yourself a cheap umbrella. I say cheap because your expensive golf brolly or cute designer item will be blown inside out before you can say “Oh I think I just felt a raindrop”. They can be purchased in old favourites Penneys and Dunnes for next to nothing, and you’ll often see a selection placed handily by the door in convenience stores.

When it comes to coats, there’s nothing better than a wax jacket or a trench. This one is worth the investment – it will be the hardest working item in your wardrobe for, oh about 11 months of the year. The hemline should be between mid-thigh and just above your knee for optimum leg flattery. In summer you could go for the inexpensive light-weight version (hi again Penneys!) but a good quality cover up is your highest priority.


Well, your second highest priority. Top of the list to survive the miserable wetness is your footwear. Chelsea boots are the way to go for both men and women, and are everywhere this season – check out all the usual high street spots for affordable comfort. You’re best off going for plain old black – those in the image below from are a good start and there are lovely ones in New Look at the moment. Natives will often be seen in Doc Martins – another fine choice – and wellies are all well and good until you feel the drops drip, drip, dripping into them soaking your well-worn socks, also you run the risk of giving off a Worzel Gummage vibe, and that’s just not a good look.

 Daisy Street Black Cheska Chelsea Boot 38.70

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