Triangles –

Sad Stripper’s Theatre Company’s production of Ciara Smyth’s hilarious three woman show ​TRIANGLES​ will be one of the highlights at Galway Fringe Festival this summer.

In a journey through a disbanded world of physical and psychological decay we meet Bread, Muesli and Chair as they scramble through their daily routine. When confined to one room, relationships can be hard and they don’t always get it right. But it’s just fun and games and, when directed by Bread, what could go wrong? With this masterfully scripted piece of new writing from Ciara Smyth, TRIANGLES is sure to knock the socks off any comedy lover in Galway this Summer.

I recently spoke with Laura Brady about the team’s production:

Laura – “We’re just so excited to be bringing our work to Galway. I think there’s a different kind of artistic freedom in Galway and we want to see how how work is received by the Galway audience. It’s such a pleasure rehearsing our shows and we have so much fun with Ciara’s scripts. Every time she writes a new scene I feel like she’s giving me a present in the form of of a few lines or jokes that we can incorporate. What’s most important to us is comedy and making people laugh.”

This is an event not to be missed this weekend! Nun’s Island Theatre will become the coffee-stained playground for this vivacious and fun-loving  trio, with hilarious performances from Ciara Smyth, Meg Healy and Laura Brady.

So there you have it –  if at first you don’t succeed, try try TRIANGLES! Submerge yourself in this fantastically absurd world, created by memories and games.

(Be there or be SQUARES.)



Ciara Smyth as Bread

Meg Healy as Muesli

Laura Brady as Chair



Friday 15th July @ 6.15 pm

Saturday 16th July @ 6.15pm



10 Euro





Galway Fringe Main Box Office-

Galway City Gallery,

Victoria Place Eyre Square

Phone­ 086 0665756