What Now? Caf

As part of our Cultural Weekender in Aras na nGael and the Galway Arts Centre on October 8th and 9th we’ll have some delicious local food vendors in our covered Yard area.

We’re absolutely stoked to have the wonderful Café Temple joining us for the weekend. They are a truly inspiring business in every way.

Find out more below!

It all began with an idea between father and son, Steve and Seb. What if business could be used in order to raise money for charity instead of just to make a profit? A whirlwind of seeking out local and national suppliers, organic produce and a mad rush decorating, Up Cycling existing furniture and making what we could ourselves with pallets and other materials and finally in February 2016, Cafe Temple was born.

Café Temple is a Social Business, inspired by the work of Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. This means that all our profits will be donated to local charities at the end of the fiscal year. Our aim is to help raise funds and awareness for many local charities carrying out great work around Galway, Ireland and further afield. We also have a suspended coffee board, where our wonderful customers pay forward a coffee or soup for someone else. These coffees or soups can then be claimed by anyone who for whatever reason doesn’t have the current funds at the time to pay for them. It is a great way to pay it forward if something good has happened to you which is why we call them ‘good karma coffees’. Our board is full at the moment due to the massive generosity of our customers so if you know anyone who needs a coffee or a pick me up why not come in and collect one and bring it to them. Share the kindness.

Our ethos is to use as much local, organic, ecologically sound and homemade produce as possible, and we are working with many local artisan producers, so watch out for their products in the menus as they join us on our journey. Where we can’t get local, we go national and this includes more than just our foodstuffs. We have loads of options for everyone especially vegans and vegetarians and also cater for those intolerant to gluten. Check out our facebook, twitter or instagram for our new cakes and daily specials. With many healthy options from juices to smoothies, protein pancakes to our massive Castlemine Beef Burger or Beechlawn Organic Farm Beetroot burger, we are sure that we can cater for everyone. We also have a range of coffees from the Galway based Galway Bay Coffee Company or splendid teas from Solaris Botanicals – another native Galway Company.

We want our customers to see the value of food, to see how what we eat affects how we feel, while also enjoying eating and drinking good food made with care and passion. Both Seb, Steve and our whole team truly believe that the only way to see change in the world is to be the change that you want to see, oh and as Mammy always said, ‘eat your vegetables’. Open 6 days a week from 8.30 – 17.30 Monday to Saturday, Temple Cafe is proud to welcome you to our cosy home. We are also very open to hearing from people who are looking to host charity events so if you know anyone who is don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help.