What Now? Hangover Cinema

Short film. That’s only for film festivals and the occasional screening of your mates student film, right? Wrong! Short film in Ireland is a criminally underrated art form and we here at An Áit Eile would like to showcase some excellent locally and nationally produced short film.

We’ll have skits, drama, docs, animations, interesting, funny, curious and most importantly – easy chilled watching to help soothe your Sunday blues.

On Sunday October 9th in the upstairs room of the Galway Arts Centre we will be showcasing a 6 hour programme of short film, picked by our friends Eibh Collins (Galway Film Fleadh, Irish Screen America, IndieCork), and Kenny, Julia and Liam of Little Cinema Galway. The event is entirely FREE! Films will be screening all day, you the punter can come and go as you wish.

Short film can be powerful in a way feature film cannot. It can provoke a single feeling or small set of emotions to far greater effect than a feature film, or it can present you with a slice of life and leave you with far more questions than you came into the film with. We Irish have a great reputation as storytellers, and with short film, it is very possible to see this craft at work in the modern age. We’ll have films to make you laugh, make you cringe, scare you, elate you and maybe even question the nature of life itself. Or maybe that’ll just be The Fear.

Programme 1: 12 – 2p.m.

  1. Adulting
  2. How To Be A Woman
  3. The Interview
  4. A Girls Best Friend
  5. Fallen Bird
  6. Gun Down
  7. An Irish Intervention
  8. Big Bird.mov
  9. Window
  10. Wilde Night Out
  11. Breathe
  12. The Boring Diary of Frances Noone
  13. Referendum
  14. The Sanctuary
  15. DRC Little Cinema
  16. Galway Street Club

Programme 2: 2 -4p.m.

  1. Paul Does Stand Up
  2. The Joke
  3. Stirring The Pot
  4. Destination: Gaza
  5. The Tea
  6. The Story of Ikerus
  7. Cuddle
  8. Narcan
  9. Between
  10. Lost Skies
  11. Cold Outside (Lads in Tshirts etc etc)
  12. Stoopid Sheep
  13. The Proposition
  14. Poke
  15. Lullaby
  16. Tiny Cinema

Programme 3: 4 – 5.30p.m.

  1. The Cobbler
  2. Clown Love
  3. Neknomination Nation
  4. Marrying The Sea
  5. Beards Are Appealing
  6. Blackbird
  7. Liam Nugent Comedy
  8. Wish You Were Here
  9. Game Of Thrones
  10. Substance
  11. The Teacup
  12. Santa Begins
  13. Validation
  14. Aggressive Driver
  15. Uganda
  16. SmileyFace
  18. Wait
  19. Scarf Wars