How to Have a Wonderful Christmas time

Aw, Christmas. It’s right around the corner and between the Hallmark movies and indulging in an artery-clogging amount of hot chocolate, it’s oh so hard to think about how to don oneself in gay apparel when every single item on the to do list is yet to be checked off and not a present has yet been bought. Well let me grant you a Christmas miracle by basically telling you what to wear for the festive season.

Christmas Shopping

There’s still a week to go, and plenty of shops are open extra late, some supermarkets have even extended their opening times into the wee hours. But what to wear when you’re in a mad, self-inflicted panic? More importantly, what to wear to go from department store to pub or bar? Get layering; it might be cold outside but you may as well be a pig on a spit when you’re stuck in the middle of fellow stampeding shoppers. A light top is all you need, with a cardigan in your bag if needs really be, paired with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a nice woolly hat to give you some nonchalant frizz. Wear flats for God’s sake – I recommend heavy boots for stomping on the feet of any rivals vying for that last selection box.

Work Party

The season of office parties is just about wrapping up for another year, but there are still a great many on this weekend. Worried about what to wear? Again, simplicity is best complimented by a lil bit of sparkle; something you can wear from the office out to whatever fine Galway establishment the bosses are treating you to. May as well get use out of that Christmas jumper, pop on a pair of heels with your black tights and skirt and dance the night (and your well cultivated workplace dignity) away.

I found this one on


I haven’t forgotten about you, oh men of the West! It’s a struggle to get the Christmas look down, but we’ve got you covered. If at a loss on how to spruce up your winter wardrobe (which is hard to do when the seasons here are barely distinguishable from each other). If in doubt, pop on an accessory like a festive scarf, and just keep it on all night, or until the wool starts to chafe as you chug hot whiskey by Taafe’s fireside. Good times!

It’s literally all you need!

The Big Three

Christmas Eve, Day and St. Stephen’s Day are those where you can pull out all the stops if you want to, or cosy up in your jammies all days long. For the record, I found the nicest pair of PJs in Dunnes for €25 (yes I know, but they’re really that nice). Silky sage green, I plan on wearing them for at least three days in a row with no breaks. If you prefer to put on proper person clothes during the festive season, make sure they’re roomy to hide all those food babies you’ll be conceiving, like a swing dress you can jazz up with a pendant necklace or a chunky jumper with a pair of stretchy ole leggings (Penney’s have fleecy ones now, they’re brilliant!)

This is the look of someone who’s been forced to put on a pair of shoes and shades to go off to visit relatives – if Gigi can do it so can you!


So that’s all folks, have fun getting into the festive spirit! Ho Ho Ho!